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Inger Vos (Editing Fox)
Inger is a freelance writer and editor – and stay-at-home dog mum to two Rhodesian ridgebacks and a Labrador – in Raglan. An award-winning journalist, she has been in the media industry for 18 years. Her interests include conservation and environmental issues, and she has always been a sucker for an animal story. Her favourite job ever was a two-week stint as a volunteer on Codfish Island to write a feature on the Kakapo Recovery Programme, for which she won a Qantas Media Award. Her love of animals became apparent to her parents when she was in nappies, so they bought her a canary for her third birthday. Just about every pet imaginable then followed. Today she has three dogs, two cockatiels and four turtles. 

PET First Aid & Training (NZ) Ltd

PET First Aid & Training was started in 2014 when a lack of education regarding companion animals in New Zealand was brought to attention. A concise New Zealand based pet first aid manual has been written along two veterinarians and is now delivered nationwide. Josie, the owner of the company has a background as a veterinary nurse and is passionate about educating and upskilling New Zealanders to further their relationships with their pets and animals they work with. 


DaisyPets is an online blog that features posts on all things pets and animals. DaisyPets came into fruition after Morgan's first dog, Daisy sadly passed away and Morgan realised that she wished she could of shared all her trials and tribulations of owning a feisty little dog with other dog owners and lovers. Now, Morgan owns Diego; an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Miniature Dachshund, two guinea pigs, and regularly features her mother's retired Greyhound, Chico on the blog. 

Dr Liza Holistic Vet

Dr. Liza is one of New Zealand’s leading authorities in holistic animal healthcare. She delights in educating, inspiring and entertaining people about sustainable animal healthcare and the importance of preserving our natural heritage. Throughout her veterinary career Dr. Liza has sought and applied complementary and natural therapies which are easy to learn, practical to apply and highly effective at assisting her patients to heal. 

Nicki Lewis - Forage NZ

Nicki runs Forage NZ which is dedicated to providing your bunnies with healthy, safe all natural handmade toys, treats, premium dried mixes, bunny birthday cakes and first aid kits. Handpicked and dehydrated with no additives, artificial flavours or coloring and focusing on seasonal variety. Every purchase helps us to support NZ Rabbit rescues and all orders come with a free gift. 

confident canines logo.jpg

Lucy Anderson - Confident Canine

Lucy has a Bachelor of Science degree (Zoology and Psychology), Diploma of Veterinary Nursing and Diploma in Applied Science. Continuing education is important and is constantly on-going. Lucy offers puppy preschool classes, group classes, one on one dog training and behaviour modification. Owner education is also provide in behaviour and first courses. At Confident Canines Lucy focuses on both mental and physical stimulation is the key to having a happy healthy confident canine. Dog training is based on building a better relationship with your dog through understanding of dog behaviour and how they fit into your family. Confident Canines is passionate about giving dogs a job, through training, and dog sport, particularly sled dog sports.

The Balanced Dog Option Two.png

Kathleen Crisley - The Balanced Dog

Kathleen is a triple-certified canine massage therapist, holding qualifications obtained in the USA in canine therapeutic, canine sports and senior dog massage.  Since 2009, she has specialised in the in-home care and rehab of dogs in the Canterbury region using massage, laser, acupressure and food therapies; in-home care helps Kathleen to observe the dog's living situation in person and it means less fear, anxiety and stress for both dog and owner.  In 2018 she became New Zealand's first animal rehab practitioner to become Fear-Free certified, which builds on her professional interest and education in the care of special needs dogs.  She is committed to continued professional development and often volunteers at sanctuaries as part of her overseas travel.  Her greyhound, Izzy, helps her to teach workshops for owners so they can learn to massage their dog.  Other classes include a specialist workshop for greyhound care and Cooking for Dogs.

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