Immunovet is  100% naturl supplement for all animals
Red Dog Rehabilitation provides personalised rehabilitation for your pet and animal

NRG+ Pet Products

NRG is a 100% natural supplement for dogs, pups, cats and kittens. Proudly made in New Zealand with pure natural ingredients. NRG+ for dogs and pups can assist in the treatment of eczema, skin allergies, and hotspots; helps improve your dog’s energy levels in its old age; improves coat condition; even the fussiest dogs love NRG+. Moggie Magic is a great antioxidant to improve your cats liver and kidney function; helps prevent feline flu; can assist in the treatment of eczema and skin allergies; natural flea repellent; and gives your cat a shiny, soft coat.

Immunovet New Zealand

Immunovet is a 100% natural supplement for animals that aids in healing their immune system in order to fight off a raft of common health concerns. Prevention is better than a cure and no one likes to see their pets suffering. From immune disorders, to skin irritations, arthritis and life threatening conditions - Immunovet has helped pet owners across the world to boost their pet’s immune system so that their pets live happier, healthier and longer lives. 


Petplan offers specialised pet insurance plans for dogs, cats and horses. Should your dog or cat develop a chronic, re-occurring or lifelong illness that will require expensive treatment and medication, our genuine ‘Covered for Life’ policies will be there for the long haul. Visit our website at for an online quote or call 0800 255 426 today – every pet deserves Petplan!

Red Dog Rehabilitation

Red dog rehabilitation provides personalised rehabilitation therapy and effective, high quality products to aid injured dogs ​during their recovery and to assist competitive dogs reach and maintain their peak of fitness. Providing personal musculoskeletal assessment and therapy for sporing and injured dogs, aid elderly and disabled pets maintain their mobility, personalised exercise programs and work with your veterinarian for the best outcome for your pet, including pain management and dietary advice.

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