Waikato Distribution Outlets

Te Awamutu

V. E. Veterinary Services Ltd

Location: 442 Sloane Street

Phone: 07 871 3091

Email: vet@vevets.co.nz



South Waikato Branch RNZSPCA

Location: 18 Giles Street 

Phone: 07 886 7722

Email: swspca.reception@xtra.co.nz



Vetora Cambridge

Location: 57 Shakespeare Street

Phone: 07 823 0037

Email: natalie.bain@vetora.nz



Hugos Place

Location: Maihi Access Rd

Phone: 07 210 6829

Email: jamacdonald@orcon.net.nz

Website: www.hugosplace.co.nz


Vetora Taupo

Location: 29 Totora Street, Totora Point Shopping Centre

Phone: 07 376 5106

Email: -

Website: www.vetora.co.nz

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Veterinary Clinic (Morrinsville) Ltd

Location: 62 Moorhouse Street

Phone: 07 889 6738

Email: office@morrinsvillevets.co.nz

Website: www.morrinsvillevets.co.nz

Te Awamutu

Vetora Te Awamutu

Location: 565 Mahoe Street

Phone: 07 872 0004

Email: inge.engelen@vetora.nz


Metro Paws

Location: 15 Goodfellow Place, Frankton

Phone: 07 848 1911

Email: grooming@metropaws.co.nz

Website: www.metropaws.co.nz


Vetora Reporoa

Location: Cnr Settlers Road & Birch Road

Phone: 07 333 8038

Email: -

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