Why advertise with us?

There are plenty of other reasons to come onboard and advertise with us. A brief over view of what we can offer your

company is covered below, please contact us if you have any further questions.



We understand that you want to know if we really are publishing what we say we will and that they are distributed

thoroughly throughout New Zealand. Therefore we will be audited by The New Zealand Audit Bureau of Circulations INC, 

our first audit will be in 2019.


Variable printing

Variable printing allows customisation of your advert in each issue. This is beneficial if you have different products that you wish to showcase at various times of the year or specials that you wish to change over time. Variable printing takes advantage of the power of complex personalisation.


Social media

We have a comprehensive social media strategy with an ever growing following. We can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Advertise within our print magazine and you will instantly be linked to our followers - your new customers. We post multiple times a week across both platforms to keep our followers both informed and entertained. Your business will be posted on both of these platforms during your advertising time.


We can run competitions on your behalf via our social media platforms. Whether you wish to gain followers or grow your email list then we can help and will run everything from our end.

Online magazine

Not only will your advertising campaign be seen by those kiwi's that pick up a hard copy, it is also available online via our website and on Joomag. This means that any pet enthusiast around the world will have access to our publication and therefore your advertisement.


Readers polls

It is important to know the demographic your campaign is targeting, as such we will perform regular reader polls. We are currently analsying our first "reader" poll which has canvased our online followers and readers. This information will give you insight into aspects such as:

  • how many pets readers have

  • the types of pets readers have

  • the average age of our readers

  • reader occupation

  • whether the reader has ever purchased something seen within Pet Life magazine

  • how often they pass their copy to others to read.



The benefits of print
There are many benefits to print advertising and when incorporated into your overall advertising strategy wil increase your business presence and grow your sales.



We will consistently deliver high-quality, reliable content that develops credibility with our readers. By taking advantage of the "halo effect" our readers will apply positive thoughts associated with our publication and apply it to your advertisements. This in effect makes readers more likely to purchase a product or service.



Reading a magazine is a conscious decision to engage in unlike watching television or listening to the radio which are passive processes. Our readers have consciously picked up Pet Life magazine and turned the pages because they enjoy our material. While reading our engaging content they are viewing your advertisements and advertorial content.



Print advertisements are permanent unlike television or internet ads, which flash before the eye and then disappear. As long as the magazine remains in circulation, your advert also remains in circulation. Where a single advert in a single magazine may promote a product or service for months after the release. 



Our first magazine was printed in December 2016 and has a print run of 10,000 high quality magazines. We are distributed New Zealand wide through vet clinics, pet shops, pet friendly establishments and libraries. You will find more detailed information on our distribution outlets here

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