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Keeping your dog licked in spring

Spring is in the air! Our fur babies enjoy being outside in the sunshine, and it’s important to

keep them happy and healthy. Here are a few LickiMat tips for your pets.


As the weather gets warmer, we ourselves are out and about more so our pets can become a little anxious being left alone. The LickiMat Wobble will keep them entertained as it challenges them to lick. For an extra treat try some Scoop Dog ice cream. Smear it around the Wobble then pop it in the freezer. The Wobble can be used as a bowl or inverted to use as a dome.


During the warmer months, allergens can affect our pet’s skin. Your pet may try to relieve itchiness by licking, chewing or scratching, however, this can cause inflammation. To help distract your pet from this behaviour, try a LickiMat, or another enrichment feeder, spread with a favourite treat. The extended licking action promoted by LickiMat releases a calming hormone in both dogs and cats and will help to reduce anxiety and promote calm while they are being treated for allergies. We recommend you consult your vet.


Get your fur baby’s favourite friends over for a fun filled afternoon of play outside. The new Lickimat Keeper range is ideal for highly energised playtime! It’s very robust and designed to not move around, and a water moat keeps insects out. The Keepers are suitable for any LickiMat classic or Tuff series.


Spring is a perfect time for a getaway for you and your pet. Make your car rides even more fun with the LickiMat UFO. Put some peanut butter on it and stick it to the window. It will keep them entertained in the car and for the rest of the weekend. Bon voyage!


To prepare for the warmer months, our dogs will shed hair over the spring. To keep them entertained or distracted while being groomed or having a bath, pop a LickiMat Splash in the shower or on a wall. Try a little bit of yoghurt and mashed banana.

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