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LickiMat tips for winter

With the colder months now here, it is not always easy to spend time outside with our pets and some of you may have pets that don’t like the rain! Here are our top tips to keep your pets and you happy over winter!

Bath time

Why not try the LickiMat Splash in the bath tub or shower! Mix mashed banana and yogurt and spread it around the Splash, put in the freezer and then, when it’s bath time, stick it to the side of the bath or shower. They can relax with a treat while getting pampered in a warm bath.

Slow feeder

Over winter, pets can burn extra calories to stay warm. If you are feeding them a little extra, use a slow feeder to avoid overeating and bloating, and to keep your pet stimulated.

Warm food

Another great option for winter is to warm up your pet’s food. Lickimats are microwave friendly and dishwasher safe.

Boredom buster

Use enrichment feeders to entertain your pet and reduce boredom. They challenge your pet to lick the treat and be rewarded with food. Try using a Wobble which slows the process dramatically and prolongs their enjoyment, with fewer calories. The “wobbling” action promotes extra FUN!

Stormy weather

Distraction LickiMat can be used to calm pets while home alone or during stressful times like winter storms and fireworks. Please note that LickiMat is not a substitute for medication for some pets.

Find the right LickiMat for your pet here.

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