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Revolutionising animal healthcare

Pacific Radiology’s innovative MRI team has opened the doors to New Zealand’s first dedicated animal MRI clinic in Christchurch.

Pacific Radiology’s Canterbury regional manager, Adrianne Hayes, says New Zealand is one of the most pet friendly nations in the world, but when it comes to pet healthcare the quality of diagnostic equipment has been lacking.

"We have always been committed to delivering world class-radiology within our communities, so I couldn’t be more excited to extend that commitment to include New Zealand’s first and only animal dedicated MRI clinic,” says Adrianne.

This clinic is the brainchild of Pacific Radiology’s MRI Project Lead, Gareth Leeper, and the result of a successful partnership with the McMaster & Heap Veterinary Practice.

Garteh says it’s exciting being able to offer animal healthcare providers and pet owners in New Zealand unprecedented access to world leading diagnostic tools.

“Our hope is that our partnership with McMaster & Heap will enable veterinarians nationwide to deliver faster, more effective treatment than ever before,” says Gareth Leeper.

The technology is the exact same as that currently used to treat human patients in MRI clinics across New Zealand. It will provide accurate, high-resolution images of the brain, spine, limbs and joints, allowing veterinarians to make more informed decisions on preventative care and treatment plans.

Michelle McMaster, Veterinarian at McMaster & Heap Veterinary Practice, says MRI is considered the gold standard in diagnostic imaging.

“An animal MRI is especially advantageous when dealing with musculoskeletal, brain and spinal disease and injuries. This opportunity means that Canterbury veterinarians, as well as any veterinarian in New Zealand, are now able to access world-class radiology imaging every day."


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