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Getting the perfect pet photo

Struggling to get the perfect photo of your pet? Then you are not alone. Many pet owners have phones full of dud photos with the hopes of catching that one amazing shot. Here are some tips to help you capture that elusive photo.

Type of photo

Determine the type of photo you want to take. Do you want an action shot, a studio portrait look or something a bit different like dress up?


Once you have decided on the type of photo you are going to take then you can sort your setting. If you are setting up inside then consider things such as the amount of light the room gets. If you are heading to the beach, determine the best time to go so it's not too busy.

Natural light

Try using natural or ambient light rather than hitting the flash as this will remove any eye glow. If you need to use the flash then make sure your pet is not looking directly at you. Remember, a flash may frighten your pet so try to get them used to this before your shoot.

Use angles

Mix it up and try using multiple angles or manipulating the natural light. Consider taking a photo of just one body part of your pet, for example paws, ears or eyes and lashes.

Safe and comfortable

In order to get a good photo of your pet, they need to feel safe. If you have a nervous pet then try setting up a “studio” background in or around your home or take them to their favourite park. A familiar setting will calm their nerves.

Get their attention

Getting and maintaining your pet’s attention is important. Try whistling, dangling a favourite toy or offering a treat. Their eyes will light up, and their eyes are very expressive.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement will help you direct your pet and make it easier to get the perfect shot. Try using cuddles, pats or treats; do what works best for your pet.

Stay calm

Be patient with your pet. Do not expect them to sit, stand or roll over on command just when you need them to. Sometimes, just watching them and taking random photos will result in a fabulous print.


There are many different software packages that you can use to edit your photo. Post-processing allows you to enhance the colour, tone and/or light, which in turn can drastically improve your photo.


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