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Sharing pets for positive mental health

Paws-itivity often comes in the form of a wet nose and waggy tail. Many of us thrive from connecting and interacting with pets. Did you know spending time with dogs improves our mental health?

Thanks to kiwi company Share My Pet, animal lovers and pet parents now have an easy way to connect and make a part time furry friend. Share My Pet helps animal lovers and pet owners connect and arrange pet sharing dates throughout the country.

With a growing membership right across New Zealand, pet sharing appeals to a huge variety of people, especially students. Many members on board are students who miss their fur babies back at home while they are away studying. It is also common for students to live in rental accommodation with a no pet policy. Pining for a pooch? Share My Pet can help!

Pet sharing brings joy and happiness to students by connecting them with new four legged friends. An increase of positivity and wellness is felt by all members, furry ones included. Spending time with dogs and other pets not only improves your wellbeing, it also helps you to feel connected to your community and is a great way to make new friends.

Hannah’s story

Hannah heard about Share My Pet about three years ago and signed up straight away. It was a dream come true to be able to spend time with other people’s pets!

At the time, Hannah was living at home and studying. Although big animal lovers, her parents weren’t keen on a furry famil

y member. Later, living in rental accommodation, she wasn’t allowed a canine flatmate. Hannah gets her doggo fix through pet sharing.

“Share My Pet has been an important part of my journey right throughout my studies. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking the companionship of a pet on a part time basis. It’s also a fantastic way to learn about responsible pet ownership, so when the time is right to become a pet parent you already have lots of knowledge and experiences.”

Remi’s story

Pet owner and pet borrower Remi joined Share My Pet in 2019. Owner of a beautiful fox terrier called Rocco, she initially joined the site to make new friends for her dog. Share My Pet has given Remi the opportunity to meet and spend time with lots of other local dogs.

Remi would love to own a second dog, however, she is still studying to become a vet nurse and feels the cost of a second pooch is currently not an option for her.

Pet sharing has been a great solution.

“Making new furry friends via the Share My Pet website has been great for my dog’s socialisation.

We get to spend time with lots of other great family dogs and have developed a close bond with them. R

occo loves his new canine buddies!

“During my studies it has been essential to get outside into the fresh air with my furry friends, switch off and re-energise. I believe spending time with animals is hugely beneficial for my mental health in so many ways.”

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